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Why are these videos important?

In today’s marketplace, grabbing the attention of potential clients is a difficult task. With people so inundated with advertisements, their tolerance has gotten lower and lower. Any old message or clever tagline isn’t going to pique their interest — what they crave now is to be amused, entertained, while being educated at the same time... and this is exactly what our green screen videos are built to do.

We replace that old school talking head video with a dynamic, visual engager. 

  •    Our videos include : Intro\Outro, Music, Text, Graphics, Sound Effects, Position Change, Call To Action, etc.

  •    Purpose - To consistenly add value to your existing and potential clients. People work with people they know,       like, and trust. 

  •    Length - Under 1:30 minutes in length. There is no reason to drag your feet, provide them with quality content       in a timely effecient manner. 



These short eye catching videos are perfect for the newbie and the veteran. They can be professional or personable, fun or serious, they choice is yours. The KEY is getting you in front of the camera in a unique and creative way . A " Hey, Look At Me!, Check ME Out!" approach.  These videos are perfect to re-energize your brand and remind your database what you do for a living.  These do very well on social media. Why?  Because they're different, refreshing, and it involves YOU! It's what gets the people going!

Give the People what they Want?!


Wouldn't it be AWESOME to tell people what you do for a living in a fun and creative way? Look no further! These entertainment videos help humanize your brand and engage your database unlike ANYTHING on the internet ! Your Personality Sells