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Video Production

Are you in need of a dedicated video producer to film the essential videos to help your business grow and move your audience?

Video Editing

Are you  capable of shooting your own videos, but really need help with the editing process?

Content Creation

Do you need help coming up with creative ideas?

Green Screen 

You've seen about my green screen services? Great! Lets make you a star!

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Video is the most powerful communication medium. Consistent and creative video content drives engagement, increases brand visibility, sales opportunity, and talent recruitment. This is all achievable with the right Barr...


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Real Estate

Small Business

Event Marketing

Creative Marketing


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"Justin Barr. A video artist. A creative wizard. A green screen mastermind. If you want to take your personal brand to another level...if you want to promote your business on a different stratosphere than ALL of your competition, you NEED to work with The Video Barr"

Jeff Pfitzer▪️Mortgage Leader

🎥 2019 BombBomb Video Influencer
🎙 Podcast Host & Moderator of the Largest 🏡 FB Group - Lab Coat Agents

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