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enjoy your time here. The Truth is, by now you should understand the importance of incorporating video into your business. The difficulty lies in the execution. I get it,  video can be stressful, time consuming, and darn right scary.  For some, the conceptualizing, production, and editing can make you fall off your barstool.  Get back up, You're not drunk. Stop the worrying, your prayers have been answered.  The Video Barr was established as a place that you can go for inspiration, guidance, and professional advice. From there, we create together a video solution that satisfies your thirst. The best part, you'll have the option to build your video brand from the comfort of your own home

 Sometimes it's nice to get pampered, be served...because you deserve it. Yeah You. 

Pull up a chair, relax, and enjoy sampling the video menu.  If you see something you want, please place your order.  I hope you'll be happy that you stopped by . When you are ready to press record, I hope I can be the one that serves you

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What people are saying about their experience. . .

Nick Libert

"Justin's talents behind the camera have reignited my social media and online presence. A fantastic investment for your business!"

Joel Schaub

"The Video Barr has never let me down!"

Marki Rhyal Lemons

"Justin's video styles are fun and engaging! More importantly, we are able to convert views to leads when we add a call to action."

Jeff Pfitzer

 "Justin Barr. A video artist. A creative wizard. A green screen mastermind!"

Ed Beavers

"When I go to networking events, people constantly introduce themselves and say they love my videos."

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