" Justin's process is so easy. I recite my simple script,  send it over, and within days I have an amazing video thats attention grabbing. His creativity is one of a kind. I highly recommend"

- Lindsey Monk, Florida Real Estate

Stand Out on Social Media with these One of a Kind DIY Talking Head Videos

  • Captivate Your Audience

  • Film at Comfort of Home

  • Stand Out on Social Media

  • Build Your BRAND

  • Give the People what they want...VALUED ENTERTAINMENT

Are you a Qualified Candidate?

Do you have..

Cell Phone

Do you have a smart phone? Of course you do!

Congrats, you have the perfect video camera to record on. 

Filming Location

Do you live in a House or Apt have an office? Do you know how to connect three bars and throw a cloth over it?

Of course you do. Congrats, you can easily film these videos in your living room/Dining room/ or Garage!

Something to say?

Do you have content that would add value to your audience?

Of course you do!

How does this process work?

Step 1

Show Interest, request to be contacted, Have brief phone chat with Justin to cover the basics. . A DIY Guide will be sent to you

Step 2

DIY Guide has all info on basic equimpment needed. Green Screen Kit from Amazon. Must also have tripod, mic, phone adapter. ( all under $150 Combined ) 

Step 3

Set Up and Film a Practice Video. Send to Justin for approval. Once approved,  Film talking Head Video. Follow Guidelines for Easy Process

Step 4

Send footage to shared dropbox/Google Drive. Receive your video 

in 2-3 business days.


Please send me your DIY green screen video guide..
I want that guide!

See you 


Justin Barr
TheVideoBarr Inc.